BG Life of the Party Getting Bigger
BG Life of the Party Getting Bigger

BG Life of the Party Getting Bigger

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12'x12' eli 30,5 x 30,5 cm kokoinen kaksipuoleinen designer-paperi skräppäykseen ja kaikenlaiseen paperiaskarteluun. Tukevaa n. 175 g/m2 paperia.

Hapoton ja ligniinitön. Valmistettu USA:ssa. BasicGrey käyttää ainoastaan FSC-sertifioituja papereita ja soijapohjaisia musteita.

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Let&rsquo s party! For a special occasion (or any occasion), it&rsquo s time to celebrate with Life of the Party, a collection of fun-filled vivid color and design. With hues like candy apple red, orange soda, mint-chip ice cream, cotton-candy pink, popcorn yellow and yummy chocolate, Life of the Party will soon become one of your favorite treats. So toss some confetti, blow up the balloons and get ready for a celebration of all things fun!
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