Le Cirque Wizards of Wonder
Le Cirque Wizards of Wonder Le Cirque Wizards of Wonder
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Le Cirque Wizards of Wonder

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12'x12' eli 30,5 x 30,5 cm kokoinen kaksipuoleinen designer-paperi skräppäykseen ja kaikenlaiseen paperiaskarteluun.

Hapoton ja ligniinitön. Valmistettu USA:ssa.

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Step  right up and let the grandeur of the Big Top captivate you with  child-like delight! Introducing 'Le Cirque', the newest and most  fabulously fun paper collection around. It&rsquo s a dazzling showcase of  vivid color and stunning imagery unlike any other! Inspired by classic  circus images from the early 20th century, 'Le Cirque' will  inspire your imagination to take flight like a trapeze artist gliding  through the air. This whimsical collection features a full spectrum of  spectacular color including: cerulean blues, weathered reds, verdant  greens, sunny yellows, supported by rich blacks and antique cream and  ivory. Let 'Le Cirque' turn all your creations into the greatest show on  earth!


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