Once Upon a Springtime Flight of Fancy
Once Upon a Springtime Flight of Fancy Once Upon a Springtime Flight of Fancy
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Once Upon a Springtime Flight of Fancy

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12'x12' eli 30,5 x 30,5 cm kokoinen kaksipuoleinen designer-paperi skräppäykseen ja kaikenlaiseen paperiaskarteluun.

Hapoton ja ligniinitön. Valmistettu USA:ssa.

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Bring  some bloom into your life with our gorgeous new collection Once Upon a  Spring Time. This luscious new line is inspired by vintage storybooks  and postcards of yesteryear. With vibrant pastel colors, classic and  fanciful graphics, and just a touch of pixie dust. Your imagination will  run wild like a child in field of daisies! We&rsquo ve brought together all  the elements that made our favorite vintage storybooks so captivating:  fairies, flowers, butterflies, and the warm-hearted animals of the  forest, just to name a few. When combined with the exhilarating and  playful colors of spring, the result is pure paper magic! Mossy greens,  lavish turquoises, romantic pinks and soft blues. Everything you need to  make your projects radiate with wonder and delight. If Hans Christian  Andersen were into crafting, surely this is the paper he&rsquo d be using.  With names such as Woodland Fantasy, Flight of Fancy, Primrose Cottage,  and Fairy Folk, our elegant new line is sure to capture your heart and  inspire your creativity.


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