7G Barcelona Coloma 2 kpl
7G Barcelona Coloma 2 kpl

7G Barcelona Coloma 2 kpl

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12'x12' eli n. 30,5 x 30,5 cm kaksipuoleinen designer-paperi skräppäykseen ja kaikenlaiseen paperiaskarteluun.

Hapoton ja ligniinitön, arkistointikelpoinen. Valmistettu USA:ssa.

Valmistaja kertoo The Barcelona -kokoelmasta näin:

Barcelona. There are probably lots of songs about Barcelona and I imagine that most of them are in Spanish. Without a doubt they have great swooning, heart melting melodies and soaring, soul tearing, tear bursting choruses that whole crowds can stand up and sing. I'm sure that after romantically describing the beautiful, shady streets and intimate squares lined with eye catching homes and shops, the fabulous parks and churches full of lovers and children, the sea with its briny smell and breeze, the air full of wonderful smells and sounds, and the achingly beautiful women and wet, hansome men, the chorus swells with a 'Bar...Bar...Bar...celona' and then a pledge of all the heart and soul and the love that you might ever have. I love songs about Barcelona.

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